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VIDEO: How to use Booster mode

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How is it different from the original Booster-H?
With a higher skin permeability than the existing Booster-H, active ingredients are delivered thoroughly for more powerful radiance care. You can see more powerful effects with a larger device head, central LED and vibration care.

How is it different from the original ATS Air Shot?
Unlike the existing Air Shot, it is designed to operate even when only one electrode is touched. It can be used by lightly grazing the edge of the head, allowing for more convenient and delicate care. The device is more effective and less irritating than the prior device.

How is it different from the existing Derma EMS Shot?
The existing Derma EMS Shot technology stimulates muscles to help manage swelling and elasticity. Booster Pro's derma shot mode applies a frequency more optimized for facial muscles than the existing Derma EMS Shot, providing a stronger facial contour care effect.

Do I need to use the dedicated gel when using derma shot mode?
No. It can be used without the dedicated gel by applying the appropriate frequency to the facial muscles. Please use it together with skincare you normally use.

I'm curious about the order of use. Can I use all 4 modes in the same routine?
Yes, four modes can be used simultaneously. After using the air shot mode for dry skin, use the booster, microcurrent, and derma shot modes along with the skincare you normally use.

What is the usage cycle for each mode?
Be sure to check the usage cycle before use, and adjust the usage cycle and usage time according to your skin type.

How should I use skincare when using the booster, mc, and derma shot modes simultaneously?
Absorb a light serum and ampoule in booster mode, then follow with a rich, viscous cream/gel formulation. After booster mode care, use mc mode and derma shot mode with the remaining amount on the skin without applying additional skincare. If the intensity feels too low, add additional product.
*The above usage method is suggested for simple understanding. Find the method that suits you best while using it.

Can all 4 modes be used around the eyes?
All four modes of Booster Pro can be used around the eyes, and we recommend using level 1 for areas with thin skin, such as around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

It’s too bright even when I close my eyes. The LED seems to be too strong. Is this okay?
It may feel too bright but it has no effect on your eyes and is safe to use. However, if there is a lot of product on the head and the central LED operates even without contact with the skin, be careful of direct eye exposure.