Operating Guide

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01. How often should I use the Air Shot?
We recommend using it 1-2 times a week then taking an average of 3-4 days off.

02. I can smell burning upon using the Air Shot. Is that okay?
"Medicube ATS Air Shot is a device that uses electric stimulation to obtain skin passageways. On your first use, the smell of burning is natural as it comes from the removal of your skin fuzz. The burning smell is temporary and will go away in the middle or after usage. Please keep this in mind but the product is safe to use."

03. When I use it around my nose or lips, the stimulation feels stronger.
"The skin around the nose and lips is thinner, thus the electrical stimulation may feel stronger. We recommend you begin using on level 1 on these areas. Rather than using the long-lasting sweeping or brushing methods, we recommend the tapping method for the nose and mouth area."

04. Do I have to cleanse my face before use?
"While it is possible to use on non-washed or makeup applied skin, skin passageways may not be properly obtained. For the most effective results, we recommend using the ATS Air Shot on completely dry skin after washing your face."

05. When do the passageways obtained by the Air Shot recover?
"The Air Shot does not create direct scars in your face so there is no separate recovery period. However, if the stimulation stays behind, it will disappear in 1~2 days so you don't have to worry."

06. Can I use it on areas with acne?
"Yes, you can. However, if you plan on using the device on such areas for 5 minutes or more, we recommend using the tapping method for short-timed care. Afterwards, we also recommend finishing up with spot patches after skincare application."

07. How do I use it with the Age-R Derma EMS Shot?
"We recommend using the Age-R first, followed by the Air Shot. If you feel overstimulation upon using the EMS Shot the next day, we recommend not using the EMS Shot for about 3 days. If you don't feel any overstimulation upon using the EMS Shot the following day then it is fine to use it everyday."