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STEP 1: Wash your face

STEP 2: Turn on the device by holding the power button, and choose the level

STEP 3: Apply skincare thoroughly

STEP 4: Keep the head in close contact with the skin to let the skincare fully absorb into the skin

STEP 5: When the skincare is absorbed, finish with intensive care. Enjoy the afterglow!


Watering: Hydration Care
Watering method is rolling the device head like a drawing circle and it is recommended when you use the device with a moisturizing skin care product
Boosting: Radiance Care
Boosting method is sliding the device on the skin, and it is recommended when you use the device with a nutritious skin care product.
Focus: Concentrated Care
The focus method is pressing the head of device one spot at a time on the skin, and it is recommended when you use the device with a mask pack or a highly concentrated skin care product

VIDEO: 5 Minute How to use



VIDEO: Quick Start Guide

01. Do I have to use the device with skin care products?
Without using skin care products, the stimulation may not be delivered well. Please note that the products' viscosity and moisture levels may affect the degree of energy level. We recommend you to use the device with well-hydrated skin care products.

02. Is it designed to be used for every skin type?
Yes, the product is designed to be used for all skin types. However, it is recommended to be used on each corresponding and undamaged areas for a short term rather than for a long term. Refrain from using on adam's apple, wounded areas, or areas that have undergone surgical procedures.

03. Can I use the device every day?
Yes, product is designed to be used on a daily basis. However, please adjust the period and cycle of usage as according to your skin condition as skin condition may vary among individuals.

04. Does it have to be used for just 5 minutes per day?
It is recommended to be used several times (1-3 times) a day for short periods instead of a prolonged usage period. However, please adjust the usage time and intervals as according to your skin condition.

05. The device is not being charged even though it's connected to the adapter.
Please double-check if the adapter is well connected to the electrical outlet. Also, please check if the contact point of the charger has been kept clean. Please try wiping the contact point gently with a cotton swab to avoid any foreign substance from contaminating the contact point.

06. The device is not being operated at all!
If the battery is discharged, the device may not be operated. Please re-use the device after fully charging its body.

07. How can I clean the product?
After use, wipe off the head with a small amount of alcohol on wet wipes, soft cloths, cotton pads, cotton swabs, etc. and keep it dry. *Do not wash the device with water as it may cause a breakdown.


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