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Microcurrent & EMS

"Microcurrent" in skincare is a generic term that collectively refers to a wide range of care methods that utilize low-intensity currents, including iontoporesis, EMS, etc. Most devices in the market operate as a single polarity method that allows either Anode(+) or Cathode(-) to flow, which in themselves are also commonly referred to as "microcurrent". EMS is one of such treatments that use low-intensity currents (micro-currents) that uses bipolarity where two polarities alternatively cross and are transferred to induce direct muscle tremors, or massaging effect by helping muscles relax and contract. Its benefits include strengthening of inner facial muscles that contribute to improved skin elasticity and reduced sagging skin. Recent studies have also revealed that electrical stimulation may be helpful at promoting ATP synthesis to a certain extent as unipolarity microcurrents do.

Operating Guide

 1. Press and hold the ⑥ Power button to turn on the power. * When the device is turned on, the remaining battery level will be displayed on the ③ LED Indicator in white

2. Press and hold the ④ Mode/Intensity adjustment button to change the mode.

3. After selecting the mode, adjust the intensity level by pressing the ④ Mode/Intensity adjustment button quickly.
When the ③ LED indicator is on level 1, one LED light is lit. An additional LED light is then lit every time the level goes up. (The device can be set between levels 1-4.)

4. Apply adequate amount of gel to the desired area and gently massage the ①Roller Heads against the skin in an upward motion.
*The notification rings every 5 seconds when the device is in operation.

5. The device turns off automatically after 10 minutes of usage. To turn off the product during use, press and hold the ⑥ Power button.

6. After use, take a soft cloth or cotton pad to clean the ① Roller Heads before storing it.

7. Charge the device using the C-type charger enclosed in the box. When charging, the battery level will be displayed on the ③ LED Indicator in white.
* The device cannot be operated while charging.


Guideline for Each Mode.

What is the main functions and the recommended use parts of each mode?
The device has three modes : slim mode, up mode, and body mode. Depending on the area that you are concerning, the mode can be selected and used as shown below.

Slim | 465 - 525nm
Stimulates facial skin and helps with slimming the face.

Up | 630 - 660nm
Stimulates the sub-dermal muscles to help improve elasticity.

Body | 526 - 590nm
Helps the muscles to contract and relax to improve the appearance of the body’s contours.

VIDEO: 10 Minute How to use

VIDEO: Quick Start Guide


1. Regarding a product
1-1) How to use

Q1. Frequency of use
A. 10 minutes every day for the lasting effect

Q2. Do I really have to use it for 10 minutes every day?
"Due to the nature of the device, using it for an extended period of time in one sitting can cause irritation. This is why we recommend using it within the time limit of 10 minutes per day. TIP. There may be individual differences in the intensity of sensation. Please adjust the usage time according to your comfort level. "

Q3. Do I really need to use the Booster Gel with the device?
A. The Age-R Device operates by delivering medium-frequency energy, and therefore must be used with products that are capable of transmitting the frequencies. It is highly recommended that you use the dedicated gel serum that was developed alongside the device for best results. Medicube's Booster Gel contains plant stem cell extract, which helps in the improvement of skin elasticity. *You can use other moisturizers but we recommend to use with our Booster Gel for the best results.

Q4. How much gel do I need to apply?
A. We recommend applying a generous layer on the desired area, as well as a small dollop on the roller heads of the device. TIP. Using more gel when you can't feel any stimulation. If you feel that the strength of the device is too weak or too strong, try adjusting the amount of gel applied.

Q5. Should I wash off the gel once I’m finished?
A. Our gel was developed to be multifunctional as both a current conductor as well as a serum that helps to improve the facial contours through moisturization of the skin. You can wipe it off if you would like, but we recommend patting it into the skin after finishing your massage. If the skin feels dry even after applying the gel, apply your favorite moisturizer on top to finish.

Q6. How can I clean the device?
A. After use, wipe down the roller heads with a wet wipe or cosmetic cotton pads. Store it in a dry area.

Q1. Can a pregnant or breastfeeding mother use it?
A. You can use it while you are breastfeeding and please use (resume usage) at least one month after childbirth.

Q2. Can it be used after any facelift treatment?
A. If you have received laser treatments, chemical peels, or plastic surgery of any kind, consult with your doctor before using the Age-R Device.

Q3. Can those with facial implants use it?
A. You can use with facial implants. The tingling sensation is temporary, and usually disappears within approximately 10 minutes.

1-3) The operation of device
Q1. The device won’t turn on at all!
A. If the battery is insufficient, the device will be unable to operate. In this case, charge the device sufficiently and resume use.

Q2. How can I charge the device?
"Charge the device using the C-type charger enclosed in the box. When charging, the battery level will be displayed on the LED Indicator in white. *The device cannot be operated while charging."

3. No exchange or refund is allowed if the box was opened or if the product has been used.

2. Regarding an after-feeling
2-1) Teeth aching
Q1. I feel my teeth aching when I use it around my nose and mouth area, is that normal?
A. Due to the medium-frequency energy, when used around the mouth region, you may feel a chilly and tingling sensation in your teeth. You may also feel this on your scalp when you use the device around your forehead. These symptoms are normal and commonly occur even when receiving treatments at dermatology clinics as well. The tingling sensation is temporary, and usually disappears within approximately 10 minutes.

2-2) Skin Reaction / Stimulation
Q1. I have skin reaction after using Age-R Device. Can I get a refund?
A. If you had skin trouble after using our Age-R Device, we can assist with a refund or replacement within 30 days of received date. Please refer the above exchange / return policy for the faster processing with our customer service team.

Q2. When the stimulation is too strong?
A. When using the product for the first time, start at the lowest setting. It is highly recommended to test the device before using on the face. And if you feel that the strength of the device is too strong, try subtracting the amount of gel applied.

Q3. When the stimulation is too weak
A. Using more gel strengthens the sensation of stimulation. And both roller heads must maintain contact with the skin simultaneously for the medium-frequency-energy to be emitted successfully.